The MAX100 Project

100 Inspired interpretations of the greatest sneaker of all time.

The MAX100 project was originally created as a Kickstarter project and could not have happened without many generous and supportive backers. You can view the project on Kickstarter here.

Project Statement

This project has been a blur of crazy hours, rough sketches, half-baked ideas, and breakthroughs.

I’ve had my share of creative blocks, and the exact thought that this is either one of greatest or most ridiculous (or maybe both) things I’ve ever done.

My favorite part of the project though, is that now, after all the work is done, I get to show it to you. All those late nights, doubts and moments of unexpected inspiration, you now hold in your hands. No more puzzled looks as I try to explain that I’m "drawing the same shoe 100 times."

Just the pure joy of a shared creative moment.

About the Artist

I am a designer, illustrator, speaker and creative tinkerer living in Charlotte, North Carolina that believes you have to find ways to do work that you love, even if it means creating it for yourself.

For me, the difference between good work and great is finding a personal connection to whatever it is you’re doing.

I am grateful to my awesome wife, and 3 amazing kids who are all an endless supply of love, support, kindness and inspiration.

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